About This Web Site

This web site is operated voluntarily for the benefit of ex police officers affected initially by Home Office Circular 46/2004 and subsequent guidance and policies designed to reduce injury on duty pensions. The web site was created after consultation with the All Forces IOD Group which became ADfPO. The Alliance of Disabled Former Police Officers. In 2015 IODPA was formed and this web site is also associated with and supports IODPA.  

Pipin is a network dedicated to assisting ex officers challenge attempts to reduce their Injury on Duty awards. It is a self help resource. It has no financial resources and cannot offer representation or financial support. We recommend membership of IODPA which can advise and initiate contact with the legal team. Many of our members have benefited from the advice of the very successful team of legal representatives.

Please keep us informed of developments, either with the policies your forces are employing, or with the progress of your particular case.

All information gathered by the group is to be treated in confidence . We will endeavour to protect any information or material we use by anonymity.

Our thanks to the authors or owners of any article, document, photograph, image or other material which appears on this web site.

'Strictly Legal Privilege'


The Pipin website is a self help resource and is not intended to offer specific legal advice, nor subvert any lawful procedures or legal authority. The information available is provided in good faith merely to assist in understanding complex issues and procedures and therefore must be accepted in that context, as no responsibility or liability will be accepted for actions subsequently undertaken by individuals or organisations.

Opinions and views expressed are personal views and opinions of individuals and do not necessarily reflect the view and opinions of  the operators of the web site or of any organisation associated with the web site.