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Legal Assistance and Representation.

Injury on Duty pensioners are able to call on the services of an experienced legal team who can advise and represent IOD’s with appeals and Judicial Reviews etc. Our legal team have handled prominent cases which have resulted in the provisions of Home Office guidance relating to ex officers aged 65 and over being declared unlawful and withdrawn.  The Solicitors are closely associated with us and is willing to assist and advise on IOD pension issues. The team are constantly involved in assessing other aspects of the IOD pension issue in addition to the high profile cases that have been so important.

Approaches can be made directly to the solicitors or through IODPA if preferred


IODPA is an organisation formed by injury on duty officers and pensioners and comprises of many IOD’s who have gained considerable experience in combating official attacks on our pensions together with younger retired IOD’s and serving officers. The organisation can call on a very experienced legal team who have been responsible for many significant successful lOD cases in the High Court.

IODPA is working towards Charity Commission status. Membership is subscription based and donations are very welcome.

Please contact IODPA for further details, advice or assistance.

IODPA Web Site