What Can You Do?

Being called for review always leads to a level of anxiety, this has always been so.  This has been made much worse since the advent of reviews being conducted under unlawful Home Office guidance and although that guidance has been withdrawn some police forces are still trying to manipulate the review process as a method to save costs.

Serving officers who have suffered injury on duty should speak to their Police Federation Representative in the first instance and retired ex officers may wish to approach NARPO. Unfortunately these official representatives have not always provided a satisfactory response. It was the failure of Narpo that lead to retired pensioners organising themselves into effective opposition of HOC46/2004.

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As the situation has developed, opposition has strengthened and evolved and has resulted in the formation of IODPA which is a charity encompassing not only the older retired officers but younger IOD’s who weren’t affected by HOC46 and now the association is receiving many approaches from serving officers.

IODPA can help with advice and information. It can introduce you to people who can help in a number of ways including the services of a very experienced and successful legal team.

If you are reviewed, advice is available on your rights and responsibilities in relation to the review along with such issues as responding to questionnaires, allowing access to medical records and other personal data, who can accompany you and making an audio recording of the review. you have the right of appeal to the Police Medical Appeals Board (PMAB). Some authorities try to discourage these appeals, sometimes attempting to intimidate the pensioner by suggesting that the appeal would be ‘frivolous or vexatious’, in which case you are advised to contact our legal team without delay. You can then confidently decide on your approach to the appeal having the benefit of sound legal opinion.  Having received good advice, our solicitors will handle the appeal should you wish to proceed you can do so with confidence and support.

If you need help or require further information please use the link below to visit the IODPA web site:

IODPA - Injury on Duty Pensioners Association.

IODPA is funded by membership subscription. Like Pipin, the association is provided by IOD’s for IOD’s.