Information:   IODPA ,  Adfpo and Pipin.

IODPA - Injury on Duty Pensioners Association is a charitable organisation formed and operated by former police officers to protect Police Injury on Duty pensions.  The association encompasses a broad spectrum of IOD issues  incorporating and developing the membership and work of those ex officers and IOD groups who were so successful in their opposition to the Home Office guidance that lead to the guidance (HOC46/2004) being declared unlawful. IODPA have largely absorbed the membership of ADFPO along with the highly successful legal team. IODPA membership includes retired and many serving officers and provides support and assistance.

IODPA holds meetings and National conferences periodically and includes functions previously carried out by ADfPO. IODPA is developing into a very effective representative body for all IOD’s. IODPA is funded by subscriptions and all IOD’s are urged to become members

ADfPO - Alliance of Disabled Former Police Officers.  For a number of years ADfPO has been a liaison group for IOD groups in various force areas, each having a representative on ADfPO. The group was self funded.

ADfPO was not a constituted body and came into being (as the All Forces Group) following the introduction of policies based on the HOC46/2004 guidance. Our official representative organisations had taken legal advice and concluded there was nothing they could do to legally oppose the situation. Members commissioned their own legal advice at considerable personal expense and embarked on the long journey which eventually saw the Home Office guidance and the policies that it engendered, declared unlawful and withdrawn.

ADfPO were committed to continuing their opposition of unfair and/or unlawful attempts to reduce IOD pensions. As events developed it was clear there was a need for an organisation that encompasses all IOD’s including serving officers and IODPA was formed in 2015, much of ADfPO activity has been incorporated into the organisation.

PIPIN.  Police Injury Pensioners Information Network is a web site which was formed to provide information and contacts between those affected by IOD issues. The web site is unfunded and worked very closely with Adfpo. Pipin lacks the resources to handle the complexities and range of IOD issues that have developed and the focus of the network remains largely on issues affecting ex officers who are above the compulsory retirement and state retirement age. Pipin operates in support of IODPA and directs all IOD enquiries to the association.

Legal Assistance and Representation.

Through IODPA, injured on duty officers and pensioners are able to call on the services of an experienced legal team who can advise and represent IOD’s with appeals and Judicial Reviews etc. Our legal team have handled prominent cases which have resulted in the provisions of Home Office guidance relating to ex officers aged 65 and over being declared unlawful and withdrawn.  Our solicitors are willing to assist and advise on the whole spectrum of IOD matters including reinstatement and repayment of lost IOD pensions. The team are also assessing other aspects of the IOD pension issue in addition to the high profile cases that have been so important.