Information: NWEF/NAMF Guidance.

National Wellbeing & Engagement Forum (NWEF)

Formerly known as National Attendance Management Forum (NAMF).


NWEF/NAMF is made up of representatives from Police Forces, Home Office and other bodies.  Meetings are held at the Tally Ho! Conference Centre, Pershore Road, Birmingham  B5 7RH.  IOD matters form only part of their agendas. Details of their agendas and discussions are available through Freedom of Information request which can be accessed by use of the link below..

NWEF information is now located on the Northumbria Police Web Site:


NWEF Minutes prior to March 2017 can be accessed using the link below:

NAMF: Minutes of Meetings Quarterly Update

As NAMF they have issued guidance to Police Forces on the management of IOD pensions. This guidance is not binding and carries no legal authority.  It will remain to be seen if NWEF/NAMF guidance replaces Home Office Guidance on this subject at some future date

NAMF Injury Awards policy

NAMF Injury on Duty Guidance Note

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