Information: Post HOC46/2004 Policies.

Post HOC46/2004 Policies.

In the absence of revised Home Office guidance, some Police Authorities are formulating their own IOD policies.  Please let us have details if your force appears to be taking this route.

Avon and Somerset.  29th May 2014                                           

Letter to IOD Pensioners

Guidance, Questionnaire etc.    


Update Report August 2016

4th July 2012                                                 

Letter to IOD’s from DCC J Feavyour.            Please Note: Some large file sizes.

Draft IOD Policy

Report to Police Authority

Transitional Arrangements

Feedback Letter

Derbyshire   26th June 2012                  


Review Process  

Review Scheme

Merseyside. March 2014                    

FOI Response


Northern Ireland.

Scoffield Review of the Injury on Duty Award Scheme.

Nottinghamshire. January 2014.         

Appendix 1.         

Appendix 2.

Staffordshire  2017

Injury Benefit Reassessment

Chief Constables Open Letter 21.12.17

West Yorkshire     2012                     

Medical Appeals and Reviews Training Card