Information: Home Office Guidance.

Home Office Guidance.

Back in 2005, Guidance was issued under the title of “The Police Pension Scheme - New Police Pensions Financing Arrangements” which provided the backdrop to the introduction of the 2006 Injury Benefit Regulations:

The Police Pension Scheme - New Police Pensions Financing Arrangements

The source of the problems we have been facing for the last few years is the guidance issued by the Home Office in it’s circular 46/2004. (Click on link below)

Home Office Circular 46/2004 Annex c.

In 2009, the Police Minister agreed to look again at the guidance. In March 2010 the Home Office issued interim guidance to Police Authorities. (Click on link below)

Home Office Interim Guidance to PA’s (March 2010)

In 2011 a draft of the proposed updated guidance was circulated for consultation. (Click on Link below)

Draft Revised Guidance 2011  

Responses to the above draft guidance are detailed in this reply to a FOI request. (Click on link below)

Response to Draft Guidance 2011  

In early 2012, part of the Home Office Guidance relating to reduction of IOD pensions at the age of 65 was declared unlawful and those parts of the guidance were withdrawn in the circular below. (Click on link below).

Home Office Circular 007/2012

In February 2014, the HOC46/2004 guidance relating to compulsory retirement age was declared unlawful and withdrawn.

Home Office Circular 46/2004 Annex ‘C’  withdrawn.

Police Medical Appeal Board Guidance

College of Policing Review of Force Management of Ill Health Retirements, Injury on Duty Awards and Police Medical Appeal Boards.

College of Policing Review 2015