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21st December 2009

We have heard that a Northumbria PMAB appeal has gone in favour of the IOD pensioner. No details at present but it apparently involves age related reductions at 65.

We understand that the publication date for this case is around the middle of January. This looks like a very important outcome for us, so if anyone can furnish further details, we would be most appreciative....

Update to above item...

The first or 28 age related appeals for Northumbria was heard by PMAB last Wednesday and the officer was successful and his banding restored having been reduced to one on 1 april 2009 because he was over 65. This was an early draft and the full assessment will be published week commencing 10th Jan 2010 so we shouild have a better understanding of the reason for success.

The question remains what will happen to the other 27 appeals presently pending on the same principles.

Thanks to Roscoff for this update

12th December 2009

During a Radio Leeds phone in yesterday, an IOD pensioner was able to put an question to David Cameron. Click Here for sound file.

Discussion is growing on the IOD grapevine regarding the level at which awards are paid following reviews. It appears that awards should be reassessed at current pensionable pay levels following review and not pensionable pay levels at the time of retirement. Watch this space....

2nd December 2009

We now have details of LAWS -v- PMAB ex parte Metropolitan Police please click here (Narpo website).

19th November 2009

We are awaiting the publication of the case of LAWS -v- PMAB ex parte Metropolitan Police which was handed down in the Administrative Court at the end of last week. No details yet but apparently it is another blow in our favour......

6th November 2009

Following Sir Alan Beith’s question in the House during Prime Minister’s Questions on 4th November and the Prime Ministers undertaking to look into the matter of IOD pension cuts, NARPO have issued a press release    

2nd November 2009

We have no news regarding the meeting with the Minister but we understand that Narpo News (out shortly) will report that the Home Office are considering NARPO representations. We are told that the subject of HOC46/2004 and IOD pensions is being discussed by NARPO again within the next couple of weeks. We understand that, contrary to some reports, the Federation are still involved and will be discussing the ramifications of the situation post Turner and Ayre.

19th October 2009

NARPO representatives met the Minister on 12th October to discuss HOC 46/2004 and the review promised by the Minister at the NARPO Conference. No information has been forthcoming at this time and some members have been told that any information or results will be disseminated ‘through the usual channels’. As most of you will know, the Conservatives have been looking at this issue and members have been told that they are waiting to see what the current review of HOC46/2004 brings. Chris Huhne of the Liberals has written to the Minister on our behalf. Click here

18th September 2009

Police Review report that the Police Minister Mr Hanson announces at NARPO conference that he is to review HOC46/2004

See also Narpo post conference reaction..

29th August 2009

Following suspension of the review programme, Derbyshire are now continuing  subject to some revision of the here

27th August 2009

I have a letter from the Minister  David Hanson M.P. In which he states that there is no intention to revoke HOC 46/2004 but there is ‘a commitment to considering whether we can usefully revise the circular, at least in some respects, since I share NARPO’s concern about hard cases in particular. This will take into account NARPO’s views. I shall be attending their conference in September’.

Pension Ombudsman Decision - Mr R Ayre 24th August 2009

Hot on the heels of ‘Turner’ we have this case which relates directly to the age triggered review situation. There are some interesting comments in this decision. Click here for the document in pdf.

Turner-v-Metropolitan Police. 8th July 2009

We are awaiting details on this apparently important case which may influence the future of reviews. We are informed that Derbyshire and possibly other forces have suspended reviews. 24th July 2009

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